Stop chasing your beach blanket and start enjoying your day at the beach! We’ve come up Beach blankets and pegswith an ingenious solution—a beach blanket that actually stays put! No more using rocks or shoes as impromptu anchors. Our beach blankets come with built-in rings that are easily anchored into the sand using our sturdy pegs. Spend more time tanning, swimming, surfing and relaxing and less time struggling against the gusty ocean breeze.

The Tropical Winds beach blankets are hand-made with quality fabrics and are machine-washable and dryer friendly. They make terrific gifts and are a must for beach weddings, beach parties, employee incentive gifts, tropical vacations, beach picnics and any leisurely day at the beach. So don’t forget the tanning oil and grab your beach book and one of our beautiful blankets and hit the beach! Forget fighting with the wind—our blankets stay put for as long as you’re soaking up the sun.

How It All Started

After experiencing one-too-many windblown sessions at the beach, Lea devised her first stay-put blanket prototype in 1998: a beautiful Hawaiian print beach blanket that could be reliably anchored into the sand using built-in rings and sturdy pegs.

While testing this out on the beaches of Hawaii, her beach blanket began attracting envious inquiries from other sunbathers. Soon after, she established The Tropical Winds, designing and hand-crafting beach blankets that stay in place, even against gusty ocean breezes.

Made from luxuriously soft cotton, poly-cotton or microfiber, each blanket is guaranteed to last and carries a one-year warranty.

Please feel free to browse and check out the variety of patterns available.

Don’t be fooled by the copycats this is the first and original beach blanket made to stay in place.

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