• Thank you for all your help, this is a great beach blanket.

  • Thanks for your help I really love this beach blanket, Spring Break here I come…

    William Gaines
  • I want to thank the tropical winds for all there help I really love this beach blanket it truly is a remarkable product and would recommend it to any avid beach goer..

    Adam Belcher
  • Just wanted to say that this is one of the best beach blankets, I use mine all the time

    have had it now for 5 years and never had any problems, thank you for creating such a wonderful


    Jesse Carson
  • This beach blanket is the best thing I have ever bought…I go to the beach quite often it’s just fantastic and really easy to fit into the suitcase while im traveling, Thanks Lea

    Carol Andrews
  • I still have my blanket from 12 years ago and it still looks like new. Just love my blanket!!


    Debbie Graves
  • “I want to thank you for all your help and prompt business. I love your beach blankets – I think they are the best out there by far! I will be sharing this website with all my friends and family. Thank you.”

    Stacy Morgan
  • “Thanks for making it easy to lie on the beach without fussing with holding your blanket down with rocks and whatever else you can find!”

  • “I love your beach blankets! They really stay in place – just like you say. I will be getting another… just awesome! Thanks!”

  • “Your beach blankets are so cool! I saw one that a friend of mine had bought from you and it’s beautiful! I will be ordering one for spring break. Oprah needs to put this one her show!”

    Christy Martin
  • “Aloha! What a GREAT concept! My husband and I visited Oahu for the entire month of May 2004 and had an awful time trying to keep our towel ‘tied’ down with shoes and anything else we could possibly find – tacky! This is such a phenomenal idea.”

    Cindy Dickey
  • “Hi. We bought our double blanket about four years ago while living in California. We take it everywhere and all over the world. People often ask us where we got it… we recommend your blanket to everyone. Thanks!”

    Suzanne Buchholz and the Buchholz family
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